The Causes and Impact of Stress in the Workplace



The present paper critically examines the nature of stress in the workplace. Firstly it provides a general overview of the nature of stress within organisational settings. Secondly, it explores key definitions of stress and work related stress, as well as how it has been
conceptualised and operationalised within the academic arena. Thirdly, this paper investigates key causes and effects of stress in the work place. Finally, this essay emphasises the importance of implementation of work-related health promotion programmes. In this respect, this paper prescribes physical activity as an important strategy for combating work-related stress. It should be evident that stress in the workplace has been widely acknowledged by government key stakeholders and policy makers. However, this paper takes the position that different individuals within the same working environment will still experience stress differently due to their personalities, coping strategies and support offered to them. Furthermore, stress cannot be completely eradicated in some
types of jobs such as nursing and law enforcement. Thus, individuals must also take responsibility for engaging in activities which would promote their psychophysiological wellbeing.

Keywords: Organisational Behaviour, Work-related stress, Job satisfaction

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Journal of Social & Psychological Sciences. 2019, Vol. 12 Issue 2, 44-53


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